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Welcome to the blog of an obsessive techno-tinkerer. I’ve been designing/inventing/building various electronic projects for a few years but have only recently become interested in the steampunk aesthetic.

These projects are not like anything else I’ve built before so all my steamy creations will have this blog as a place of their own.

Hope you enjoy.


The Hellraiser

Lament Configuration

We Have Such Sights To Show You

Is Hellraiser steampunk? Probably not… not enough steam. But it’s still awesome, and the infamous “hellraiser box” known as the Lament Configuration is clockwork which is steampunk enough for me!

Build in progress : A built from scratch 30cm cubed desktop computer in the style of the Lament Configuration. But it needs more steam so I’m adding a 15cm diameter mechanical iris diaphragm to the front of it for access to a vertical DVD drive.

I’m going all out with this project and want it to look authentic. I’m etching the brass of the Lament Configuration myself. There will be five 30cm x 30cm brass etching altogether, and I don’t think I’ve seen etchings made this large or complex before so that should be fun!

The build log can be found here -> The Hellraiser Computer


The Captain’s Writing Desk

Steampunk Touchscreen Computer

A Steampunk Touchscreen Computer

The idea behind this project is to build a wall mountable touchscreen computer with a 15″ screen in a steampunk style.

It is made out of an upgraded Acer Travelmate 2413 laptop, a Microtouch Touchscreen, a modified wooden jewelery display case, and various other bits and bobs.

Known as “The Captain’s Writing Desk”, it is the portable writing desk of Captain Nemo, from Vernes “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”.

More pics and the build log can be seen here -> A Steampunk Touchscreen Computer



The Net Libris

Steampunk Laptop

A Steampunk Laptop (well, netbook)

This is my heavily modified Steampunk Dell Mini 9 which I call the Net Libris.

Besides the casing mod, I’ve also added a touchscreen, an internal FM transmitter, in internal micro SD card reader with a 32GB sd card, upgraded battery, and an upgraded solid state harddrive (16GB).

Hope you like it!

More pics and the build log can be seen here -> A Steampunk Laptop



Claudia Reactor

Claudia Reactor

A Steampunk Lamp

Inspired by the anime series “Last Exile”. There is some debate over whether or not Last Exile is steampunk or dieselpunk. Even though a lot of the aesthetic in Last Exile leans towards dieselpunk, the workings of their engines have more in common with steam engines than diesel engines.

Whatever genre Last Exile may be, it is an awesome anime!

This is a valve from a Claudia Reactor that heats and compresses claudia fluid before being circulated around a van ship to make it lighter than air.

More pics can be seen here -> Claudia Reactor

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