Added Four New Buttons for Volume Control & Other Stuff

As the title says, I’ve added four radio buttons to the front bezel to control the volume and screen brightness.

I made them in pretty much the same way as the power button. First drilled four holes into the front bezel then located four special function buttons on the motherboard that were originally used for things like launching Internet Explorer (yuk) and Outlook Express (ew) and soldered wires onto their connections on the motherboard.

I then threaded the wires through the holes in the bezel and soldered them to new radio buttons and epoxyed them into the holes. To make them a bit more steampunk I put brass washers over them.

Then it was just a simple matter of remapping those special keys for the functions I wanted for them. The volume control is easily set in the “Keyboard” program in Ubuntu, though I’m not sure how to set the screen brightness buttons yet. There seems to be a few ways to do it but I’ll come back to it in a bit. The volume control was the most important.

EDIT : I just thought, I can actually add alot more functionality to these buttons if I used one of them as a “Function” key. So I would have the to buttons on the right control the volume normally, then when I hold down the button on the far left and one of the volume keys it could control the brightness instead. This leaves one other free button I can add another two functions to. The advantage of this is that although I only have 4 physical buttons, I can use them for six functions instead of just four. Win. The default function of the spare key I’m using to toggle the onscreen keyboard so there is one other function available if I need it.


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