Dell Mini 9 with Capacitive Touchscreen

Dell Mini 9 with Capacitive Touchscreen


Managed to get the touchscreen physically installed and reassembled the Dell Mini 9 but couldn’t get the touchscreen to work.

Emailed the seller again and NOW HE TELLS ME it is only compatible with Windows 7!  Absolutely no mention of that in the ebay listing!

Not a fan of Windows anyway.  The netbook currently has Windows XP on it, though I’ll take it off and put Ubuntu 10.04 on it… might find a way to get it working with linux.

Bloody windows.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering the touchscreen adds about a millimetre to the thickness of the screen.  I secured the bezel in place with some black electrical tape which doesn’t actually look too bad, but the lid didn’t close properly because of the extra thickness.

To fix this, I removed the hinges from the base of the netbook and added about 1mm of fibreboard under the hinges and screwed them back on.  This has raised the screen up by a millimetre and now the lid closes fine and if secure.

Now if only it worked!!!!


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