No luck with this touchscreen so ordered a new one

Pretty sure either the touchscreen or the controller are knackered. Got it working fine on the laptop on Windows XP but the cursor kept jumping all over the place. No joy getting it working on the laptop with Ubuntu though I’m certain that’s because I haven’t installed the drivers for the PCMCIA serial adapter properly.

Tried it with Ubuntu 11.10 on my desktop which has an on board serial port and it was behaving the same as it was on the laptop with XP and calibration wouldn’t help, so I’m going to have to give up on it.

Well that’s £25 down the drain. I’ve ordered another touchscreen. This time a complete unit with the LCD monitor.

15" Microtouch Touchscreen LCD Monitor

15" Microtouch Touchscreen LCD Monitor

This one also has a serial connection, so I’ll have to either get this serial adapter working, find one that does work, or use (*spit*) Windows.

Serial and VGA Ports

Serial and VGA Ports

The LCD monitor needs a 12v 5a power supply so if I wanted to used the monitor itself in the tablet I would have to add another power supply which will add to the bulk and the weight of the tablet, so hopefully I will be able to remove the touch panel and controller from the unit so I can still use the laptop’s much slimmer, lighter, and lower powered screen.

This is a Microtouch touchscreen by the way (another SAW type screen), which I’ve seen working on Ubuntu so fingers crossed it works since it is also untested!

Cost of the new screen = £26

This pretty much takes me up to the £100 mark in total costs, though if we write off the cost of the original touchscreen I still have £25 left to play with. ;) Cheating?


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