Some Success with the 4001S Cable

Had some success this morning.  The manufacturers got back to me a wiring diagram of the 4001S cable so I could wire up the controller directly to the serial port on the laptop.

Couldn’t get any life out of the touchscreen at all with Ubuntu, but there is some response in Windows XP.  Think there might be something wrong with the way I have the serial port set up in Ubuntu so will have a look at that tonight.

So at least I know it is wired up right. :) Now to get it working!

EDIT : Just thought… these drivers may not be compatible with Ubuntu 11.10. The most up to date version they are designed for is 10.10 which could be a pain since Gnome 3 + Ubuntu 10.10 aren’t the best of friends, and I really want to use Gnome 3 on this build.


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